Valerie Abl

Valerie Abl is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
Valerie Abl
  • Business Name Talentshift
  • Address Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
  • Email Valerie Abl Email Valerie Abl
  • Date Joined Qualified April 2013
  • Membership Number Member #80,392


Being on the edge of something new, be it technology, the way we work and the way we interact, inspires me and my choices in life. I like to venture out and explore what is new, scope it out and be a catalyst for innovation that fosters positive change in organisations and individuals. I love meeting new people on my travels (at all levels), spotting hidden talents, making meaningful connections and building collaborative relationships. I’ve built a career in change management, organisational development and team coaching that allows me to create the conditions for people to shift their thinking, be confident to move into new spaces and carve out new career paths in a world that is constantly shifting.

I believe experimentation, openness and the ability to identify our true aspirations will allow individuals to create positive changes in their life, build cultures of cooperation and help the next generation of business communities flourish.

My background has included work with Multinational businesses & SMEs, Central and Local Government as well as 3rd Sector organisations. It spans the ICT, Software, Energy and Finance industries. Over the years I’ve amassed a variety of simple yet powerful tools and techniques that enable individuals and groups to speed up the process of career transition.


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